New Arrivals: Alpha Time Walk, 19 Unlimited Power Cards, over 70 Duals

Highlights: Signed Alpha Time Walk

The (maybe) undisputed highlight of the week is an Alpha Time Walk, signed by none other than Richard Garfield itself! Truly a rare collector piece that not everybody will ever own.

After this treasure, we got a whooping 19 Unlimited Power Nine cards! Among them are two Black Lotus in Played and Good condition. Then there’s two Timetwisters (PL, GD) for the Commander players and Underworld Dreams guys as well as one more Time Walk in Played.

Next up are a total of three Ancestral Recalls (PL, EX) and 10 Moxen:

Alpha, Beta and Unlimited

There’s a bit more where all that Power came from, so let’s break it down even further. From Alpha, we also got a Sengir Vampire (GD) and from Beta a signed Hypnotic Specter (PL).

Unlimited is the true MVP this week and delivers even more: Three Chaos Orb in Played and Excellent conditions!

Arabian Nights, Antiquities and Legends

The beautiful lands from Arabian Nights and Antiquities bring us… lands! First, we have two Poor and Light Played Library of Alexandria as well as a Poor/Inked Bazaar of Baghdad from Arabian Nights. And then there’s also a City in the Bottle (GD) for your sideboard!

After that, we directly got two Mishra’s Workshops, one in Excellent condition and one BGS 8.5.

Legends is following the land hype with three The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (PL, LP) and one Italian The Abyss (EX). We also got an OG Mana Drain (PL) and a BGS 8.5 Land Equilibrium for you as well as all of these Legends:

Dual Lands

Over 70 new Dual Lands are waiting to be put into your Vintage, Old School or Commander deck! That’s right, we got a lot of them this week, and they are all Revised except one: A French FBB Taiga in Excellent.

There’s also three Revised Wheel of Fortune (GD, EX), but let’s look at the Duals now:

High-End Reserved List

Now it’s time to take a look at the high-end cards from the Reserved List. As always, you’ll find a lot of great Vintage, Legacy and Commander staples here!

Actually, it’s pretty crazy so let’s look at the individual numbers: We got 11 Survival of the Fittest (LP, GD, EX, NM) for you as well as 9 Gaea’s Cradle (GD, EX). After that you can pick between 5 Grim Monoliths (EX, NM) and also 5 Serra’s Sanctum (GD, EX, NM).

The smaller numbers include two City of Traitors (NM), two Gilded Drakes (EX, NM) as well as one Lion’s Eye Diamond (EX) and three Sliver Queens (GD, EX).

High-End Foils

We got a lot  of OG foils this week, but let’s have take a look at the Promo cards first: There’s a Gaea’s Cradle Judge Reward Promo in Near Mint waiting to bling up a Commander deck as well as a Mox Opal (NM) from Kaladesh Inventions and The Scarab God (NM) from Amonkhet Invocations.

With these out of the way, here are the OG foils:

Oddities and Misfits

We got four products that don’t directly fit into any other category, so we are going to mention them here.

They are two Harper Prism Promo Mana Crypts (EX, NM) and card from Portal Three Kingdoms: Capture of Jingzhou in Near Mint.

The last of them is a Sealed Revised Booster, what a thrill!