New Arrivals: Foil Gaea's Cradle, Guru Lands and 7th Edition Foil City

Highlight: Judge Reward Gaea's Cradle

We are starting today's New Arrivals Drop with a must-have for every blinged out Elves deck: A Judge Rewards Promo Gaea's Cradle in Light Played. They just don't make foils like these anymore! 

If you don't like the Cradle with the shiny star, we also got two regular ones for you this week! One Gaea's Cradle is in Japanese NM and the other one is English GD.


Guru Lands!

Since we are on the topic of special lands: We got three Guru Lands for you! They are all in Excellent condition, too. Let's take a look at the Mountain, Forest and Swamp from the Guru Program:


Antiquities and Dual Lands

      Jumping straight to the 93/94s: We have a Transmute Artifact in Played for you as well as a beloved Triskelion in Good condition!

      As far as Duals are concerned, there are three Foreign Black Bordered Dual Lands newly available this week, and they are all in a different language! 


      High-End Reserved List Goods

      We already mentioned the Cradles in our Highlights, but there's more where those came from! They have been accompanied by full playset of City of Traitors. One is Korean Near Mint and the other cities are in English (PL, GD). A single City of Traitors (PL) is even signed! 

      All those lands are guarded by a single Gilded Drake (LP).

      Foils, Foils, Foils

      Our new foils are a wild bunch, but most of them are OGs! The only exceptions are the Gaea's Cradle Promo and the other Judge Reward Promo of the week: Imperial Seal (NM).

      Then we have three Shocklands from Dissension: Hallowed Fountain (NM, German), Blood Crypt (GD, German) and Breeding Pool (EX). 

      Our other High-End Foils are:

      New arrivals