New Arrivals: Mishra's Workshop, Bazaar of Baghdad, Unlimited Duals and more!

Highlight: Workshop from Antiquities

And not only any Workshop, it's a freakin' Near Mint Mishra's Workshop! Man, those are hard to come by, and we are lucky enough to present you with this beauty. 

There are of course more news from Antiquities: Next are two Candelabra of Tawnos (GD and EX) as well as a Mishra's Factory (Version 4 - that's the Winter version) in Excellent condition! 

And here's the rest of the Antiquities:


 And because there are only two cards this week, all of Legends:

    Arabian Nights are Beautiful

      Of course, this wouldn't be a New Arrivals Drop without some Arabian Nights cards, and we are lucky enough to present you with only the best of the best this time:

      All ahead are a Bazaar of Baghdad (GD), a Juzam Djinn (EX) and a Library of Alexandria (EX).

      We all know that the S-Tier of Arabian Nights right there, but how about some more fan favorites? There's Diamond Valley (EX), Guardian Beast (EX) and the one and only, do it all, City of Brass (GD). 

      After all of this goodness, there's still more left to show off:

          How Many Unlimited Duals?

          What kind of Unlimited Duals we got this week, you are asking? It's easier to show you:


          ... and then tell you: It's a total of 16 Unlimited Duals. First, there's a playset of Volcanic Island (Altered) and a playset of Underground Sea (Altered).

          Then we have a Tundra (EX), an Underground Sea (LP), a Taiga (LP), two Badlands (one PL, one Altered), a Savannah (GD) and one Bayou (PL).


              Give Me More Duals

              For those of you who know us, you know there's always Revised Duals on the menu as well! Now it gets time for a list:


              But wait, there's more! We have 24 Foreign Black Bordered German Dual Lands for you as well! And one German FWB Volcanic Island (EX).

              And two FBB Wheel of Fortunes (NM) are here as well, because there's no other place for them!

                    High-End Reserved Duo

                    There's only two different cards from the High-End Reserved List this week, but all together they are seven! There's three Grim Monolith in English (PO, PL), three German City of Traitors (LP, GD, EX) and one English City of Traitors (EX).


                    Japanese High-End Foils

                    We have a lot of Japanese High-End Foils for you this week! It's a playset of Brainstorm (PL, GD, EX - Japanese), a playset of Dark Ritual (GD, EX - Japanese) and a playet of Entomb (PL, EX, NM - Japanese).

                    The only English Foil of the week is a Breeding Pool in Near Mint! 


                    New arrivals