New Arrivals: Mox Jet, Beta Scrubland and over 60 other Dual Lands

Highlight: Unlimited Mox Jet and Beta Scrubland

The highlights of the week are an Unlimited Mox Jet in Excellent condition together with a Played Beta Scrubland

But that's not all Beta and Unlimited have to offer! Our Beta selection comes with a full playset of Swords to Plowshares (PL) as well as a Good Force of Nature.

The other Unlimited cards are mostly Duals, but we won't make you wait until the Dual Lands category, this time: 

There's a Poor Tropical Island, a Light Played Savannah and a Played Scrubland. Last but not least: A Signed Wheel of Fortune (PL)!

Arabian Nights, Antiquities and Legends

Why is it always these three? Because they are awesome! This week we got four Mountains (EX - NM) from Arabian Nights, one Power Artifact (PL) from Antiquities and two Concordant Crossroads (LP, GD) from Legends!

Collectors' Edition Power

One last stop before we move on to the craziness that is "Dual Lands Land": We got a bunch of really awesome CE pieces for you! 

It starts with some four Moxen: Mox Jet (NM), Mox Emerald (EX), Mox Sapphire (EX), and Mox Pearl (NM). Then there's also a Chaos Orb (NM), Time Vault (NM), Wheel of Fortune (NM) and a Gauntlet of Might (NM).

The Duals from Collectors' Edition are the following:

Then there's also one International Edition Underground Sea in Excellent condition!

60+ Revised Dual Lands

Here we are, in the beautiful and almost holy land of Revised Dual Lands! There's exactly 64 of them, in various conditions. Some of them are in Poor or Played, which is fantastic for anyone who just looking to put one of these bad boys into their Commander decks! 

The only other card from Revised that's worthy of our New Arrivals is of course Wheel of Fortune, and we got exactly one copy this time, in Excellent.

High-End Foils

Next up are our newest Foil additions! It's a bit of a wild mix, so let's first take a look at the English cards:

Here we have a playset of Zendikar Expeditions Polluted Deltas (LP, GD, EX) as well as one Scalding Tarn (EX).

Then there's two Kaladesh Inventions, namely Chrome Mox (GD) and Grind Stone (NM) and two Judge Reward Promos: Edgar Markov (EX) and Vampiric Tutor (EX, Version 1).

The last two English cards are two OGs: Breeding Pool from Dissension (NM) and Eladamri's Call (GD) from Planeshift.

Ending our Foil section with three OG German foils: Windswept Heath (PL), Brushland (GD) and Academy Rector (GD). 


Ending on a Sealed Note

The last three items on the list are two Sealed products and one Full Set, which do you want to see first? Alright, starting with Sealed!

We got a Sealed Booster Box from the original Zendikar set (English) as well as one Fourth Edition: Black Bordered Starter Deck (Traditional Chinese). 

The full set of the week is a Fourth Edition: Black Bordered Traditional Chinese Full Set, what a coincidence! 

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