Super New Arrivals: 15 Power Nine Cards, Huge Alpha Lot and Over 35 Duals


Our team is back from MagicCon Chicago, and we are happy to announce that it is time for another Super New Arrivals Drop! For those of you who have missed last year's Super New Arrivals, take a look at it here!

There's over 220 new cards available this week, with a total value of more than €150,000. That means no matter if you are a collector or Vintage player or both, there's something for you in this week's drop! 

Highlight: 15 Power 9

We are starting of course with Power Nine, and there's a lot of Power this time! The best thing is, that there's something from almost everywhere, so not matter what kind of Power you are looking for, it's here.

The first piece we are taking a look at is a Beta Mox Pearl in Played condition. It also got inked a bit, but that's not bothering anyone, right?


Next up are the guys and gals from Unlimited, and you might have already guessed it, but this is by far our biggest category of Power Nine we got this week. They are all Moxen, except for a Poor and Near Mint Time Walk.

Let's take a look at the full list:


Then we have more recent Power printings for you from the well-known Collectors' and International Editions. So if you are a fan of the pointy corners, these are for you:

International Edition

Collectors' Edition

Last but not least are the Power Nines from 30th Anniversary. There's no easier way to get your hands on Near Mint Power Pieces, and most importantly: They are the cheapest Power you can get!

Unfortunately, we only have two from that release, and they are a Mox Emerald (Version 2) and a Mox Pearl (Version 1).



Everyone Wants to Own Alpha

      Cards from the very first Magic expansion are and will always be the coolest thing in any collection, in any deck or in any binder. That's why we at Three for One Trading are making sure to always get as much Alpha as we can for our customers! 

      And the 43 new Alpha cards in our High-End inventory are only the tip of that Alpha iceberg! Among those are a beautiful Wrath of God (PL) and two fantastic Stasis (LP - GD). But what's even crazier is the NM Alpha Demonic Tutor! 

      Okay, okay, we will stop gushing! Have a look at the full list:


        Super Beta and Unlimited News

        This Super New Arrivals Drop is not getting away with at least a few Beta cards, and we are pretty happy about what cool cards we got for you! The craziest piece is probably an Excellent Shivan Dragon, if we are not counting the Beta Mox Pearl from before! 

        Then there's also:


        Unlimited did not only give us the Moxen, but also many other great cards! Among them are Near Mint Chaos Orb with a bit of glue on it, a Light Played Gauntlet of Might, an Excellent Armageddon and a Played Forcefield!


        Arabian Nights, Antiquities & Legends

        The trio infernal is of course bundled together again! We are going to start with Arabian Nights, which we only brought you the best this time: Two Juzam Djinn (PL - LP), two Bazaar of Baghdad (EX - NM), two Library of Alexandria (EX) and one Diamond Valley (PL).

        Then we have Antiquities with three Power Artifacts (PL, LP, EX) and one lonely Argivian Archaeologist in Excellent! 

        From Legends we got for you two Moats (PL - NM), three Land Equilibrium (GD - EX), one Mana Drain (EX) and one All Hallow's Eve, also in Excellent. But that's not all! Also, along comes a Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (LP) from Italian Legends!



        Duals, Duals, Duals

        Before we start with our list of Duals (there's something for everyone, we literally got Duals from every available set except Alpha), there's one that we want to highlight for you and that's a Near Mint Tundra from Beta! What a beautiful piece of history it is. There's also a Played and Inked Beta Bayou, which did get a bit more attention during the days. 



        Foreign Black Bordered

        Foreign White Bordered

        Collectors' Edition

        International Edition

        30th Anniversary


        High-End Reserved Chicago Cards

        We are already getting to the end of our Super New Arrivals Drop, but don't worry, there's still a lot to come! Continuing with the High-End Reserved List we got:

        Six Sliver Queens (PL - NM), six Mox Diamonds (PO - NM), six Serra's Sanctum (GD - NM) and eight Grim Monoliths (LP - NM). 

        Our other HER cards are:


        High-End Foil Stars from Chicago

        We didn't forget the foil cards in Chicago, thank God! So here's the shiny cardboard from the trip: 

        We got four Near Mint Judge Promo Edgar Markovs for you, as well as one Survival of the Fittest Judge Promo (also Near Mint). 

        Our OG foils this week are:

        And now the real collector items of our foil section: Serialized cards! We have the following three for you (all Near Mint):

        New arrivals