New Arrivals Drop: Unlimited Power, Guru Plains, Chains of Mephistopheles, Kaladesh Inventions

Highlight: Unlimited Power and Guru Land

We are starting our New Arrivals Drop the best way possible: With cards from the Power Nine! This time they are from Unlimited again, and it’s an equal mix between blue and brown:

A Good Mox Sapphire and a Played Mox Emerald, as well as Light Played Timetwister and a Light Played Ancestral Recall. The Timetwister is even signed, for any signature admirers out there!


Another highlight that’s barely fitting in any other of our categories is a Guru Plains in Light Played condition. Let’s find a good home for that one!


Beta, Arabian Nights and Legends

We got two Beta cards for you this week: Hypnotic Specter (LP) and Berserk (GD).

From Arabian Nights you can get two Diamond Valleys (PL, LP) as well as an Erhnam Djinn (NM), a Mountain (GD), an Island of Wak-Wak (PL) and a Serendib Djinn (EX).

Then we are jumping straight to Legends with an Excellent Chains of Mephistopheles, a Played Sylvan Library and a Near Mint Italian Nether Void!


Planning a Trip to the Dual Lands

There’s much to see in the Dual Lands: Beautiful vistas, stunning wildlife and deadly encounters! Visit your favorite Dual Land today, or should we rather say: Make your favorite Dual Land visit you?

There’s one Foreign Black Bordered Italian Scrubland (EX) and two Near Mint 30th Anniversary Duals: Savannah (V.1) and Tropical Island (V.1).

The rest of your Duals is either Revised or FWB:


Foreign White Bordered


High-End Reserved List and High-End Foils

We are nesting the Reserved List cards and Foils together this week! There’s a bit of everything, so let’s get started with the High-End Reserved List:

Here we have a playset of City of Traitors in various conditions, one of them signed. The only other card from the Reserved List is a fantastic German Lion’s Eye Diamond in Good condition!

Our foils of the week are a Mox Diamond (EX) from From the Vault: Relics as well as a Japanese Mystical Archive Demonic Tutor (NM) and an original Mercadian Masques Brainstorm (PO) in German.

Other foils are two NM The One Ring (V.2) from the Lord of the Rings Holiday Release and a Time Spiral Remastered Thoughtseize (NM) in German!

The last foils of the week are Kaladesh Inventions: Sol Ring (NM), Lotus Petal (NM) and two Painter’s Servant (NM).

New arrivals