341 Spring Sale & New Arrivals: 12 Power Nine Cards from Beta, Unlimited and Collectors' Edition


The first sale of the year starts today! 5% discount on singles and MTG sealed product, plus free worldwide shipping on all orders over €/$500.

Just use this link or the code springsale24 during checkout: https://341.gg/spring-sale-2024

Promotion starts now and ends at midnight on Monday, April 15, 2024.

(Exclusions: Outlaws of Thunder Junction, non-MtG sealed product, sale items, event tickets and gaming supplies)

Highlights: 12 Power Nine Cards

We got a total of 12 Power Pieces for you this week! On top of the Power Mountain are two Beta cards: Ancestral Recall (EX) and Timetwister (LP).

Then there’s a lot of Unlimited Power, and ahead of all of them is a Black Lotus (PL - Inked with a Dent). After that we have a Mox for each color: Mox Emerald (NM), Mox Sapphire (PL - Signed), Mox Jet (PL - Inked), Mox Ruby (PL – Inked) and a Mox Pearl (PL). The last Unlimited Power Piece is a Time Walk in Played condition!

You can also get three blue Collectors’ Edition Power Nine cards: Timetwister (GD), Time Walk (GD) and Ancestral Recall (EX).


Another Highlight: FWB Starter Deck Box

Another really cool highlight is this: We got a Foreign White Bordered Starter Deck Box for you! You heard that right, it’s a full sealed box full of FWB Starter Decks in Italian! That means 10 sealed FWB Starter Decks with a lot of potential for Dual Lands.


More Beta Singles

Besides our beautiful new Beta P9 cards, we also got more playable High-End Beta cards for you! The most precious one is an EX Mana Vault and after that we got:


Arabian Nights, Antiquities and Legends

From Arabian Nights we got two Library of Alexandria (PL) and two Drop of Honey (GD). Then there’s also a Near Mint Guardian Beast and a Light Played Ali from Cairo as well as a Mountain (PL) and a Serendib Efreet (PL – Inked).

Jumping straight to Antiquities: We got an Excellent Mishra’s Workshop and two Candelabra of Tawnos (LP, PL) for you! Oh, and there are of course new Transmute Artifact (PL, GD) and Power Artifact (PL, GD, EX).

Continuing “parkour style” to Legends! Here we have a sweet Near Mint The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and a Good Chains of Mephistopheles. Then there’s two Nether Voids (EX), The Abyss (EX) and a Sylvan Library (EX). From Italian Legends we also got a Chains of Mephistopheles, this time in Excellent condition as well as an Excellent Moat and another Nether Void (PL – Inked).


Black Bordered Duals Is What You Need

That’s right, there’s nothing cooler than a full out black bordered deck, and we are happy to help. There are a few new German Foreign Black Bordered Duals in our stock, so let’s take a look at them:

Then we got another FBB French Taiga (LP) as well as two Foreign White Bordered Duals: Underground Sea (GD – German) and Bayou (EX – German).

It wouldn’t be a Dual Land update without at least a few Revised Duals. They are: Two Savannahs (GD, NM) and one Taiga (LP). From Revised is also an Excellent Wheel of Fortune, in case you are missing one!

That’s not the end of our Duals category. We also got a few from International Edition:


High-End Reserved List Treasures

We are at our High-End Reserved category and got almost all of the usual suspects ready for you!


Foils, Foils, Foils

There are only a few foils this week, with two Squee, Goblin Nabob in Italian (PL) and English (LP) as well as a playset of Sliver Overlords (GD, EX, NM). The last foil of the day is a Scalding Tarn (EX) from Zendikar Expeditions.


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