New Arrivals: FBB Starter, FBB Duals, Mox Diamonds, Grim Monoliths

Highlight: FBB Starter Deck

We are starting our New Arrivals with two products that are only slightly similar by name: A Good Imperial Seal from Portal Three Kingdoms and a sealed Starter Deck from Foreign Black Bordered (German)

A bit out of the usual as well is a Played Harper Prism Mana Crypt (Version 1)!

Drops of Duals

First, we got exactly four Revised Scrublands for you in Poor and Played condition. Perfect for getting started! 

If you are more into black bordered cards, we got a neat collection of FBB Duals too:

FBB Italian

FBB French

FBB German


    High-End Reserved List Cards

    The biggest category of the week are our High-End Reserved List cards, with a Near Mint Sliver Queen at the top! She gets accompanied by a Poor and a Played Sliver Queen

    Then we have a total of eight English Grim Monoliths! Two of them are in Light Played and four are in Good condition. Then there's an Excellent Serra's Sanctum and one lonely Lion's Eye Diamond in Played.

    The last one of the bunch are a playset of Mox Diamonds (GD-EX) a Survival of the Fittest in Good and also in English! 



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