New Arrivals: Portal Three Kingdoms Full Set, Trio Tabernacles and Duo Djinns

Highlight: Full Set Portal Three Kingdoms

We get many cool products each year: There's Power Nine, then we have all the other craziness from 93/94 and, of course, funky foils.

And then there are these rarer occasions where we get especially cool stuff, such as a Full Set of Portal Three Kingdoms! Such a fantastic opportunity for every collector, and it's all here: Imperial Seal, Zodiac Dragon and even Capture of Jingzhou! 

The best thing about this: It's all in Excellent or Near Mint condition! 

    Tabernacles, Juzams and Bazaars

    There's even more to this than the title gives. Let's break it down into sections, so we can savor each of these in its own time.

      The Djinn from Arabian Nights

      First up is Arabian Nights with two beautiful Juzam Djinns (NM / GD, SIGNED). Together with another two Bazaar of Baghdad (NM / LP, SIGNED) and two Library of Alexandria (NM, SIGNED and EX) they are certainly the big cards team of the week! 

      Then we have for you a bunch of other Arabian Nights cards that are all trying to reach the price points of the big boys:

      Big Legends Update

      We are jumping straight from Arabian Nights to Legends, but there's not slowing down in terms of goodness! We have three great Tabernacle at Pendrell Vales for you in Near Mint and Good condition! The Good one unfortunately has a slight Binder Ding. 

      The other big one from Legends are two Moats in Near Mint as well as two Moats in Good. Then we have a full playset of Chains of Mephistopheles in Near Mint

      Our other goods from Legends are:

      Alpha, Beta, Unlimited and… Antiquities?! 

      We have got a ton of Arabian Nights and Legends news for you, but people are holding on to their Antiquities? One single cards from Antiquities made its way into our store: Triskelion (LP).

      Also, the only one of its kind this week: Copy Artifact from Unlimited in Excellent.

      There's a bit more from Alpha and Beta, so let's take a look:




        Dual Lands and other Revised Singles

        As is tradition, we got two Wheel of Fortune (EX/PL) from Revised for you this week, as well as a small selection of very affordable Dual Lands:

              Legacy Staples from the Reserved List

              For those of you that are still screwing on their Legacy decks and/or are looking for the last upgrades, we got you covered!

              New this week are four Survival of the Fittest in various languages in Near Mint and Excellent as well as three Grim Monolith (GD, EX, NM) in German and English.

              The other three cards are one German City of Traitors (EX) and two Mox Diamond in German (PL) and English (GD).


              The Bright Side of the Card

              We are ending our New Arrivals with the High-End Foils of the week! This time we have another Force of Will from Double Masters in Near Mint and one Painter's Servant from Kaladesh Inventions, also Near Mint.

              Then we have the funky (and pretty exclusive) Holiday Promo Fruitcake Elemental (EX) for you. Last, but not least, is a foil Replenish from Urza's Destiny in LP. 

                New arrivals