Repricing All Our Beta & Unlimited Cards

Alpha, Beta and Unlimited Repricing

After the success of our Alpha Clearance from last week, we decided to check all the prices from our Beta and Unlimited cards as well! You can find the highlights of our Alpha Clearance here.

Beta Price Reductions

First, we will show you the biggest reductions Beta has seen. That means Power Nine has been reduced in price, but also many other cards! A total of 170 cards, to be exact.

5. Beta - Time Walk (EX)


The first big hit was taken by our Beta Time Walk (EX). It got a price reduction of 7%, which means it is now €500 cheaper than before!

4. Beta - Birds of Paradise (NM)

Who needs a Time Walk, if you can have basically the same thing on a stick and for one mana cheaper! The Beta Birds have been reduced by 19% and are now also €500 cheaper!  

3. Beta - Timetwister (PL + GD)

Two of our Timetwisters have also seen a change in price. They have seen reductions of 9 to 10%, but both got exactly €600 cheaper. 

2. Beta - Mox Emerald (GD)

Another Power Nine piece has become much more affordable and that's our beloved Mox Emerald. It's now €700 less price-y which means it got a 12% reduction! 

1. Beta - Black Lotus (PL + LP)

Our price police is not stopping for anything, not even the Black Lotus is safe! Two of them have been reduced in price by 6% and by 9%. That means one got €1000 cheaper and the other one got €2000 cheaper. Wow!


Unlimited Price Reductions

Next up we have Unlimited, and you can bet that we won't stop at the Power Nine here, either! Spoiler: The Moxen are in focus here!

5. Unlimited - Ancestral Recall (GD + CGC 4)

But first we have two Ancestral Recalls. They have both been reduced by 9%, which means they are now 250 - €300 cheaper!

4. Unlimited - Mox Pearl (GD)

Now on to the Moxen! First, have two Mox Pearls, for €300 less than before. That's right, they both got a reduction of 10%.

3. Unlimited - Mox Emerald (GD)

It doesn't look any different for the Mox Emerald. It, too, gets cut down by 10% for €300.

2. Unlimited - Mox Jet (PL)

Two Mox Jet get also reduced in price by €300. There seems to be a pattern here! 

1. Unlimited - Mox Sapphire (GD)

The last highlight of this crazy repricing is a Mox Sapphire. It gets reduced by also 10%, which results here in a €400 price reduction!

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