New Arrivals: Diamond Valley, Foil Goblin King, Sealed Revised & FBB

Highlight: Sealed Products 

This week we are starting our New Arrivals with sealed products! We have two Old School boosters as well as two more recent sealed products new in.

Let's take a look at the boosters first. You can now get an original Revised Booster as well as a Foreign Black Bordered Pack

The other sealed product of the week are a full Ice Age Booster Box and an original Vampiric Bloodlust Commander deck (that's a first for our New Arrivals) with the beloved Edgar Markov inside.


Vintage Singles

On to our Old School singles! We are having a few rarer guests this time, so let's give a warm welcome to an Unlimited Birds of Paradise (PL) and a Diamond Valley (EX). 

Here's the full list of our new OS cards:




Arabian Nights



    New RL Singles

    We are onto our High-End Reserved List with a few old friends! Highly playable, highly desired Legacy staples:


    Foil Singles

    Our next singles are from a world where everything is made out of sparkly and shiny things! The first foil is a retro Goblin King from Seventh Edition in LP, and the second one is a Mana Crypt from Double Masters in NM!  

    Dual Land Singles

    We have four Duals for you this week! Three Revised and one Foreign White Bordered:


    Foreign White Bordered (German)

      New arrivals