New Arrivals: Unlimited Power and Unlimited Arabian Nights

Highlight: Unlimited Black Lotus

Summer break is over, and we are back with more Power Nine for you!

This time around, THE six Unlimited artifacts are new in store and ready to get picked up by their new lucky owner!

Their conditions are fantastic, with many of them being Excellent, with a few exceptions:

If you want even more options when picking your Power piece, then we recommend you take a look at our new Mox Emerald from International Edition! It's in a Played condition and a very much affordable P9 card.

You can find the Dual Lands from Unlimited and International Edition further down in this post.

Big Unlimited Drop

Besides those highlights, we also have many other new Unlimited cards for you. The biggest hits are a Chaos Orb (EX) and Savannah Lions (NM).

Check out the list below:





Arabian Nights

On to Magic's first expansion set: Arabian Nights. Many of these cards are a great investment for your Old School deck and your future, especially if we are talking about the pricier bits like Library of Alexandria (EX) and Juzam Djinn (EX - NM).

Take a look: 






Magic's second expansion also comes with many playable cards for Old School! This week we can offer you many Argivian Archaeologists and Triskelions, perfect if you are planning a new deck around these! 


There's nothing missing this week, we even got some good playable cards from Legends again. That's what a good week in New Arrivals looks like!


Italian Legends

High-End Reserved List

 A few new Sliver Queens found their way to us and are now looking to jump straight into the Commander Masters precons to upgrade them to a solid Sliver deck!


High-End Foils

Only a few foils are new this week, but you can always take a look at all our foils right here. These are the new ones:


Dual Lands

We are never running out of Dual Lands. This time, we have 17 new Duals for you:

International Edition



Foreign Black Bordered

Foreign White Bordered



Lastly, we have a single sealed item on the list: a Magic 2011 Booster Box in English! Maybe someone out there feels lucky to crack this badboy? 

New arrivals