New Arrivals: Full Set Urza's Saga, two Unlimited Timetwisters and amazing Foils!

Highlights: Full Set of Urza's Saga

It's not every day that we add a full set of any MtG expansion to our inventory. We are happy to announce that you can once again buy a full set of Urza's Saga from us! It's EX to NM condition, and it's complete with every card you could wish for: Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum, Gilded Drake and all the other goodies from that fantastic set. 



But that's not all from Urza this week. You can now also get a beautiful Yawgmoth's Will and Grim Monolith in EX (from Urza's Legacy, of course).



Two Unlimited Timetwisters

The title says it all: We've got two Unlimited Timetwisters! One is signed, and the other one is Light Played. Get yourself a piece of the Power Nine!




Unlimited Foils

These foils are of course not from Unlimited, but we've got almost an unlimited amount of them. From old bordered foils to textured foils and Judge Reward Promos, we've got what you need:


The Duality of Lands

We arrived at the Dual Lands part of our New Arrivals post. This time we can offer you a selection of Foreign White Bordered Duals and a few of Revised:


Foreign White Bordered




What Else?

We are finished this New Arrivals announcement with a few cards that didn't make any list this time. First is a Lake of the Dead from Alliances in EX condition. Next are a Power Artifact and a Transmute Artifact from Antiquities, both also in EX condition!




New arrivals