New Arrivals: Black Lotus, Timetwister, Harper Prism Mana Crypt Promos & Foil Daze

Highlights: Collectors' Edition Black Lotus, International Edition Timetwister & Beta Counterspell

Our highlights this week are again a beautiful GD Black Lotus from Collectors' Edition as well as an EX Timetwister from International Edition! On a more recent note, we got a flashy green Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos and a foil old bordered Ponder from Time Spiral Remastered for you. We are not stopping there and can also offer you a Beta Counterspell and Harper Prism Mana Crypt Promos!

Looks like Old School is back on the menu, boys!

Not so fresh out of the oven, but still in a perfectly desirable state: From Unlimited we can present a NM Demonic Tutor, a GD Wheel of Fortune, as well as an LP Ancestral Recall and a PL Illusionary Mask.

Don't worry, if you're interested in more recent sets, we also got an EX Earthcraft from Tempest, an EX Mox Diamond from Stronghold and a GD Serra's Sanctum from, wouldn't you know it, Urza's Saga!

Foiling done right: No Pringles!

Not only are we offering to sell the previously mentioned old bordered Ponder and the Neon Ink Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos, but we got two more special foils in store for you. From the days when foil cards were rare and of the highest quality: Three foil Daze (LP to PO) and one stunning foil Yawgmoth's Bargain in GD. 

Dark Nights, Bright Sales! 

If you are interested in cards from Arabian Nights or The Dark, we got you covered! From Arabian Nights we got:

Our The Dark cards are a bit more limited in diversity this time, but if you ever wanted to own three City of Shadows, today is your lucky day! Of course, we are not mentioning The Dark without offering you more than that: We are also selling an EX Maze of Ith, an LP Preacher and a PL Blood Moon.

Prepare for trouble, make it... Dual? 

To end our blog post from this week's New Arrivals, we are finishing on a classic: More dual lands are back in stock! Savannahs from Revised and FWB as well as FBB Tropical Islands. If you are looking to buy other lands, make sure to check out our new Strip Mines!

New arrivals