New Arrivals Drop: Beta Cards, Mishra's Workshop, Gaea's Cradle and one Ring

Highlight: Beta Mix

Let's get right to the highlights of the week, which are of course beautiful Old School cards! This time, we are talking about very playable Beta cards:

More Non-Beta Vintage

The Non-Beta cards of the week are a wild bunch and range from two Mishra's Workshops in PL and GD to a playset of Thunder Spirit (PL-GD).

Here's the full list of the other new Old School cards:

Three of Squee in Foil

An unusual amount of foil Squee, Goblin Nabob found their way into our store and are now looking for an owner that knows how to discard them the right way! They are all in pretty good shape, with one of them being Good and the other two Light Played.

Sol Ring from Lord of the Rings

We already had 5 different Sol Rings last week, and we are adding a sixth this week: Another Human Sol Ring (NM) from Lord of the Rings is now available for you and your EDH deck! 

High-End Reserved List Cards

We are continuing with our Reserved List specials. Some regulars are back, with the most important being a Near Mint Gaea's Cradle! Have a look:

Ending on the Duals

The last category is all about duals, and we are having a good blend of different sets, with the highlight being an Unlimited Scrubland!



Foreign White Bordered (German)

Collectors' Edition

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