Spring Sale is back + New Guru Lands, Two Tabernacle, Foil Intuition & Full Set ICE

Spring Sale 2023 is starting now! 

Our Spring Sale has started. Get a 5 % discount plus free worldwide shipping on all orders over €341 (approx. $375) from our high-end MTG online store.

That means you can get that 5 % discount on everything, even on cards from past New Arrivals! Just use the code 341SALE on checkout!

Promotion starts now (Wednesday, April 5, 9am CET) and ends at midnight on April 11, 2023.

Highlights: Full Set Guru Lands

In the Guru Program from 1999, experienced players (“gurus”) would teach newcomers how to play Magic: The Gathering. The gurus could earn points by completing a training with new players. Ten points could then be exchanged for a random Guru Land, but WotC ensured that after 50 points, every Guru would have a complete set of the Basic Lands. The program ended in October 2001. 

Now we are roughly 22 years later and the Guru Lands have become the most expensive and rarest Basic Lands in all of Magic: The Gatherings' history. And here we are, giving you the opportunity to buy all of them at once: 

If you are interested in full sets, then we have also another special for you:

Double Trouble at Pendrell Vale

Two fantastic English The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale found their way into our store and possibly into your hands very soon? Don't let their Light Played conditions fool you, their real beauty is inside of them. 

    This Double Feature is not done, yet! Also, new are two Intuition as Judge Reward Promos. They are both in Excellent condition, what a treat! 

    More Than Two Foils

    If those Intuitions awoke something in you, then we are ready to satisfy that new hunger. We have more foils where those two came from, among them are two full playsets of Player Reward Promo Wastelands as well as Shocklands and a Lilly! 

      You Know What Time It Is: Dual Land Time

      That's right, it's that time of the New Arrivals Drop. Let's have a closer look at which Dual Lands from Unlimited, Revised, Foreign Black Bordered and Foreign White Bordered we've new in store for you today:



      Foreign Black Bordered

      Foreign White Bordered

      Cards from the Days of Old

      Recently, we have seen big updates in regards to our Alpha and Beta cards, as well as our other Vintage sets. If you still can't get enough of all these amazing cards from the past, then we have good news. More arrived this week:




      Our other Vintage cards include a Diamond Valley (GD) from Arabian Nights, an Imperial Seal (GD) from Portal Three Kingdoms as well as an Argivian Archaeologist (LP) from Antiquities. 

      And if those two Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale are not enough from Legends for you, we also have a new The Abyss (PL), Mana Drain (LP), a Living Plane (PO) and a Sylvan Library (GD).

      High-End Reserved List Goodies

      Let's have a quick look at the other Reserved List cards of the week:


      Foreign Black Bordered

      Urza's Saga






      Vintage Sealed Products

      Currently we are receiving great Sealed Products, the dream of every collector! This week, that means 




            New arrivals