New Arrivals Drop: FOIL Gaea's Cradle, Unlimited Dual Lands, Premium Foil Cards

Highlight: FOIL Gaea's Cradle

The 341 SPRING SALE is in the books, but don't be sag, new stuff is flowing in and there's plenty to be happy about.

Definitely eye-candy are the two copies of Gaea's Cradle that came in recently. These Judge Promos are foil and just gorgeous.

 Foil Judge Reward Promo Gaea's Cradle

Unlimited Dual Lands

Sometimes it seems there is an endless stream of duals coming in and going out. This week, there literally are two Unlimited dual lands up for grabs.

An EX Badlands and a PL Volcanic Island are waiting for you to pick them up.

MTG Dual Lands

Obviously that's not all, when it comes to dual lands. A NM FBB Tundra is a true beauty that for sure won't be available for long. You can find all (old and new) dual lands that we have in stock here.

Premium Foil Cards

A small and exclusive selection of foil cards came in this week as well. A Mystical Archive Demonic Tutor along with a rare Ninth Edition foil Fellwar Stone have been uploaded to the site. The latter is the ONLY foil printing of this Commander staple. Can you believe that?

Interesting fact about the Judge Reward Promo Yawgmoth's Will NM: It's the only reprint of the card, as this is on the Reserved List and technically this shouldn't even exist.

You can find the other premium foils that just got listed here:

Legends in the making

Moat is the G.O.A.T., at least when it comes to prevent creatures from attacking you.

Apart from the white rare, there've been a couple other new entries to our Legends category. Here they are:

And as always, there's plenty more for you to explore!

New arrivals