New Arrivals: Double Tabernacle, Neon Ink Demons, 50 Dual Lands

Highlight: Double Tabernacle

There are amazing new cards waiting for you this week, all ahead are two The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vales, one in Good and one in Poor condition. Your opponent will be mad anyhow, the conditions of the Tabernacle won't help much!

The other valuable land of the week is a Mishra's Workshop from Antiquities in Played condition. 


If you really want to bling out your collection, then there's a red Neon Ink Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos (EX, Version 3) waiting for you in our shop. His friends unfortunately didn't make it into the High-End store, but all three of the other colors can be found on our Cardmarket page!

The next highlights are a Lord of the Pit from MagicCon Barcelona number 204 of only 295 available ones as well as a Harper Prism Promo Mana Crypt (Verson 1) in Good!

More News from Old School 

The most Old School cards are this week most definitely from Legends, but we will go in chronological order, as always. Starting with Arabian Nights, there's only one card worth mentioning, and that's a Shahrazad in Played condition.

Then there's Antiquities with, who guessed it, many artifacts. The stars here are the before mentioned Mishra's Workshop (PL) and a Candelabra of Tawnos (GD).

Legends are lead into battle with The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vales, closely followed by a Moat (GD), Chains of Mephistopheles (LP) and The Abyss (GD, SIGNED). The rest of the Legends army looks like this:

Then there are also our usual strays from Revised: two Wheel of Fortunes (EX) are looking for a new owner.

    Goods from the High-End Reserved List 

    We are jumping straight from Old School into the High-End Reserved List with many fantastic new additions, multiple copies each! Let's see what we have: 4x City of Traitors (PO - EX), 5x Lion's Eye Diamond (LP - NM), 5x Mox Diamond (PL - EX), 4x Grim Monolith (PL - GD), 3x Gilded Drake (GD - EX) and 2x Intuition (LP - NM). 

    But wait… there's more! These four single cards are also new:


    Where are the Duals at?

    They are here, don't worry! Almost 50 new Dual Lands are waiting for action. They are almost all from Revised, except for one single Tundra (GD) from German FWB.


    Pimping Foils

    A total of 31 High-End foils are new this week, and there are many different ones to pick and choose from!

    The most unique one is the previously mentioned Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos (EX, Version 3) in Neon Ink Red.

    Then there's stuff like a full playset of Force of Will Judge Reward Promos (EX - NM), Happy Holiday Promos such as Gifts Given (GD) and Snow Mercy (EX) as well as many foils from Urza's Destiny and Mercadian Masques!

    Kaladesh Inventions & Amonkhet Invocations

    Zendikar Expeditions


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