New Arrivals Drop: PSA 9 Foil Shivan Dragon, BGS Beta Cards, Library of Alexandria

Highlight: Four Graded Cards

This week our highlights are three Old School BGS graded cards as well as one PSA graded card. And they are all an 8 or above! Here they are:

If your collector hearts desire any of these, you know where to get them! 

The Old School Train Goes On!

The graded cards are not the only ones we have for you this week. On top of these come more non-graded Beta, Arabian Nights and Antiquities. That Beta Chaos Orb and the Library of Alexandria deserve their own spotlight as well! Have a look:



Arabian Nights

High-End Reserved List

We keep it short on the RL this time, but the lonely candies are oftentimes the sweetest! We have three cards for you to choose from: 

The Dual Lands Are Always Last

Are you in need of new Duals? Don't worry, we got you covered! We get new Duals every week, so if you are looking for anything specific, be sure to be subscribed to our newsletter! 

This time the Duals are all from Foreign White Bordered, two French and one German:

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