Black Friday Week & New Arrivals: Full Unlimited Power, Bazaar of Baghdad, Beta Duals

Black Friday Week 2023 is Here!

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Highlight: Full Unlimited Power Nine

That's right, we are starting off with a blast! You can now get a full set of the Unlimited Power Nine in a single Black Friday frenzy. The tedious times of buying one Mox at a time are over, get all the P9 at once now!

Our other new Unlimited cards are a Chaos Orb (GD), two Time Vaults (LP) and a Berserk (LP)!

Alpha Sol Ring and Beta Duals

We are continuing our New Arrivals with more amazing cards! The title gives it away: We got an Alpha Sol Ring (PL) and one Beta Sol Ring (EX) straight from Lord of the Rings for you (altered and signed) as well as 8 out of 10 Beta Dual Lands, including the Beta Volcanic Island (GD)! 

And then we have full playset of Birds from Beta as well as an Illusionary Mask GD) and a Word of Command (PL).

More Highlights from 93/94

Let's move on to the other cards from the years 1993 and 1994. New in store is a beautiful playset of Bazaar of Baghdad (PL - GD) from Arabian Nights as well as a total of THREE Mishra's Workshop (LP - EX). 

Our other Antiquities are a playset of Power Artifacts (PL - GD) and, again, THREE Transmute Artifacts (PL - GD). 

Before we move on to our Revised Duals, let's quickly admire the two cards from Legends: A Near Mint Chains of Mephistopheles AND a Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale (LP).

Oh, and let's not forget Italian Legends:

    Can't See the Duals from all the Lands

    As promised, we are onto the Duals. First off are the FBB Duals of the week, with a few very sweet alters of Savannah:

       The Revised Duals this week are looking like this:

      Surprise Highlight: Guru Lands

      What's up with the playsets this week?! We also got a playset of Guru Lands (EX - NM) on sale for you right now. Get them while you still can find them at one place!

      Foils, Foils, Foils

      Let's first take a look at the foil playsets: You can get four copies of Brainstorm from Mercadian Masques (PO - GD, English, French and Italian) as well as four copies of Imperial Seal (NM, Judge Promo).

      Our other Judge Promos are a foil Gaea's Cradle (GD), Intuition (GD), Lightning Bolt (GD) and two Vampiric Tutors (GD - EX).

      Another very rare foil worth mentioning: Grimlock, Dinobot Leader / Grimlock, Ferocious King (NM). 

      New Sealed Product Available

      We have four new old English sealed displays for you as well:

      New arrivals