New Arrivals Drop: Serialized Urabrask, MagicCon Lord of the Pit and many Duals!

Highlight: 334/500 Urabrask

We have seen many different serialized cards over the past months with The Brothers' War, All Will Be One and Lord of the Rings releasing so close to each other.

It's not every day that we get to see one of the serialized Praetors, tough! This time it's the red menace himself: Urabrask, number 334 of 500! 


MagicCon Barcelona Drifter

Another highlight is a blast from the past MagicCon, from Barcelona. It's none other than another serialized Lord of the Pit! This time it's 175/295. If you missed our Barcelona Drop, then you can read all about it here. We bought multiple of these promos, and you can still get some of them!


    Quick Trip to Arabian Nights

    There are two new cards from Arabian Nights coming in this week:


    Fast Glance at the High-End Reserved List

    Two High-End Reserved List cards found their way to us and are now looking for an owner who knows how to handle them. They will probably be a Legacy Dredge player and a Sliver Commander player: 


    Slow Walk on the Dual Lands

    This has been a smaller New Arrivals Drop, but no matter how small the Drop: You can always count on us getting you the Duals Lands you need! This time it's a bigger mix of Revised and Foreign White Bordered Lands.


    Foreign White Bordered

    New arrivals