New Arrivals: EX Black Lotus, EX Signed Timetwister, NM Tabernacle

Highlights: Unlimited Power

We are back again with a super sweet New Arrivals Drop and Highlight: An Excellent Unlimited Black Lotus together with even more Unlimited Power!

Another beautiful piece is an Excellent Signed Timetwister. If you are not into signed cards, then we also got a Good Timetwister as well! The other two Power Cards of the week are Mox Sapphire (PL) and a Mox Emerald (LP).

The last P9 card is a Good Mox Jet from International Edition.

For more Unlimited, check out the next category down below!


Alpha, Beta and Unlimited

Here come the other ABU cards: First of off, we got 8 new ones from Alpha. Among them is a playset of Llanowar Elves (PL, LP, GD) as well as two Dark Rituals (LP, GD). Finally: A Basalt Monolith in Good!

There’s also a healthy mix of Beta cards this week: Three Ice Storms (PL, GD), two Sengir Vampires (GD, EX) and two Mana Shorts (PL, LP). And there’s also a lonely Elvish Archer (GD) as well!


And we are back to the non-powered Unlimited cards! There’s still a lot going on here with two Vesuvan Doppelganger (PL, LP), a Forcefield (PL), an Armaggeddon (EX) and a Jayemdae Tome (PO).


Arabian Nights, Antiquities and Legends

We are continuing the Old School goodness with "AAL". You can now get a whooping triple Juzam Djinns (PL, LP, EX) at once, which is just the perfect opportunity to get jumpstart that mono black deck! After that, we got only one more Arabian Nights card: A Serendib Djinn (EX)!


From Antiquities, we got lots of single drops, so let’s make a list:


Now we jump to the last one of the trio: Legends! There’s one card especially peaking out of the pile and that’s a Near Mint Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, what a sight to behold!

After this beauty we also got the mean looking Chains of Mephistopheles (PL, GD) as well as two Falling Stars (LP, GD) for you!


Dual Lands

We get new Duals each week and this time is no different! There are two sets we are going to take a look at: Revised and Foreign White Bordered.

From Revised, we have:

And then we have FWB:


High-End Reserved List

We are already at the second last category of the week: Our newest HER cards! There’s two of each: Grim Monolith (LP, EX), Gaea’s Cradle (EX, NM) and Gilded Drake (GD, NM).

Then we have an English Serra’s Sanctum (LP) as well as a German Lion’s Eye Diamond (EX) and a German Mox Diamond (LP).


High-End Foils

If you want to pimp your decks, then this last category is for you!  We have some fantastic new foils this week, all ahead are two Judge Promos: Wheel of Fortune (EX) and Survival of the Fittest (EX).

They are closely followed by two Near Mint Jeweled Lotus from Commander Masters and two Alternate-Art Japanese Teferi, Time Raveler (NM) from War of the Spark.

The other foils are: