New Arrivals: Beta and Unlimited Lotus, Playset Mishra's Workshop and more!

Highlight: Four Black Lotus

Our highlights of the week are a whooping total of four Black Lotus! Three of them are from Unlimited in Played and Light Played condition. One of them is Signed and another one Inked.

Then there’s also a Beta Black Lotus in Played condition. It has seen some love, but also has a lot more love to give. From Beta, we also got a Shivan Dragon in Good condition (such a cool card!) as well as an Icy Manipulator in Poor (such an annoying card).

The last cards from Unlimited are two Played Scrublands.


Alpha Singles

Jumping from Unlimited to Beta and now back again to Alpha! There’s a Light Played Zombie Master is looking for new hordes to command, as well as a CGC 8 Goblin King searching for his tribal.

Let’s hope they don’t get hit with the three Alpha Lightnings Bolts (PL, GD) we got waiting for you here!


Arabian Nights, Antiquities and Legends

It’s always those three, right? From Arabian Nights we got two Library of Alexandria (PL, LP), two Island of Wak-Wak (PL, LP) and one Diamond Valley (GD).

Antiquities is going big this time with a full playset of Mishra’s Workshops (LP, GD, EX) as well as two Transmute Artifact (GD, EX). The Good copy is even Signed!

From Legends, we “only” got Italian variants this time, but it’s a fantastic selection: Three Moats (LP, EX, NM), two Eurekas (EX) and one Chains of Mephistopheles (NM). Then there’s also a Nether Void (EX) and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale in Near Mint!


    Foreign White Bordered Duals

    Our Duals of the week are from Revised and the Italian and German Foreign White Bordered. There’s actually only two Revised Duals: Badlands (EX) and Underground Sea (GD)

    From FWB (Italian) is a bit more, so let’s have a look at the list:

    And from FWB (German), we have:


    High-End Reserved List MADNESS

    Okay, let’s get the High-End Reserved List madness started. There’s simply sooo many copies of some cards, it’s actually insanity. Let’s do this by numbers!

    We got:


    Original Foils

    And for last, we got foils for you! This time there are many foils from the original sets as well as a few very neat promos. Let’s start with those: We have a full playset of Junior Super Series City of Brass (GD) as well as a Judge Reward Lightning Bolt!

    Then there’s also two foil Seventh Edition City of Brass (GD) as well as two foil Seventh Edition Final Fortunes (LP, GD).

    Our other foils are two Italian Tainted Pacts from Odyssey (PL, GD), a Japanese Defense Grid (NM) and a Memory Jar (LP). Oh, and there’s a foil Rhystic Study!