New Arrivals Drop: APAC Boosters, Unlimited Mind Twister and High-End Reserved List Cards

Highlights: APAC Boosters

Our highlights of the week are two Sealed APAC Land Boosters. There’s a Clear Booster and a Blue Booster ready to be opened by you!



High-End Reserved New Arrivals

This New Arrivals Drop mainly consists of High-End Reserved List cards. The good news is, that almost every popular card is available here, so let’s check them out together:

There are four copies of Gilded Drakes (GD – EX) and four copies of Survival of the Fittest (GD, EX, NM). Then we got two copies each of Grim Monolith (EX, NM), Mox Diamond (GD) and Serra’s Sanctum (PL, EX).

Our last High-End Reserved cards are three Sliver Queens (PL, EX) and three City of Traitors (GD, EX, NM).



Two Old School Treasures

Lastly, we got two Old School cards for you! The first one is an Excellent Mind Twist from Unlimited and the second one is a Revised Savannah (PL). No New Arrivals without at least one Dual Land!